YARA Rules in Cyber Threat Intelligence

YARA Syntax

  • Keyword rule followed by a rule identifier (required): name of the rule
  • String definition (optional): string(s) to look for (text, binary, or regular expression)
  • Condition (required): boolean expression to determine if file/process satisfies the rule
  • Rule tags (optional): added after rule identifier, used to filter YARA output
  • Metadata (optional): additional info about the rule
rule ExampleRule : tag1 tag2
$my_text_string = "text here"
$my_hex_string = { E2 34 A1 C8 23 FB }

$my_text_string or $my_hex_string
my_identifier_1 = "Some string data"
my_identifier_2 = 24
my_identifier_3 = true

Using YARA Rules in CTI

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