“OSINT Investigations: We know what you did that summer” Notes

OSINT Investigations: We know what you did that summer by Information Warfare Center

OSINT tools

  • ReconSpider: aggregate raw data, visualize it on a dashboard, facilitate alerts and monitoring
  • OSINT VMs: Kali, CSI Linux, Deft, CAINE
  • Dradis CE: project framework for collaboration and reporting, with integrations with many tools
  • OpenCTI: knowledge management database for CTI and cyber ops
  • Karma: passive OSINT automated recon framework
  • Hunch.ly: collects, documents, annotates every website you visit
  • Aware Online: search for lost/deleted tweets
  • Maltego: visualize data for link analysis and data mining
  • Karmerka GUI: IoT & ICS recon tool
  • Sublist3r: subdomain enumerator
  • DNSRecon: DNS data collection
  • ReconDog: vulnerability scanner for website and web apps
  • ThreatResponder Forensics: agentless software to see if Windows endpoint is infected, online, offline, on-prem, in cloud

Learning OSINT

OSINT experts

OSINT learning resources

OSINT community projects

OSINT practice

Sock puppets

Sock puppet persona generators

Persona photo generators

Sock puppet social media account creation

  1. Use public Wi-Fi, not Tor or VPN
  2. Use persona’s non-VoIP burner phone number for verification
  3. Never tie account to your real accounts
  4. Change account’s phone number to a VoIP number
  5. Log out, then back in
  6. Start adding info to account

VPNs & Tor

Dark web



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Chad Warner

Chad Warner

Cyber threat intelligence (CTI), cybersecurity, & privacy enthusiast. Seeking a CTI job. Bookworm. Fan of Tolkien & LEGO.