Intel101 OSINT CTF Writeup

Who is the Registrar for

You get a phone call from this number: 855–707–7328, they were previously known by another name?

What is the Zoom meeting id of the British Prime Ministers Cabinet Meeting?

What Percentage of full-time degree-seeking freshmen from the fall of 2018 re-enrolled to Champlain in the fall of 2019?

Champlain College Has A Public Excel Sheet Listing Addresses Of Campus Locations Available on The Internet, what’s the SHA256 hash of the excel file?

In 1998 specifically on February 12th, Champlain was planning on adding an exciting new building to its campus. Back then, it was called “The Information Commons”. Can you find a picture of what the inside would look like?

One of Champlain College’s Cyber Security Faculty got a bachelor’s degree in arts from this Ohioan university. Who was the other faculty member who studied there?

In 2019 UVM’s Ichthyology Class Had to Name their fish for class. Can you find out what the last person on the public roster named their fish?

Can You Figure Out Which State This Picture Has Been Taken From?



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Chad Warner

Chad Warner


Cyber threat intelligence (CTI), OSINT, & cybersecurity enthusiast. Seeking a CTI job. Bookworm. Fan of Tolkien & LEGO.